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Almairac, Michel Perfumer
Alméras, Henri Creator of Jean Patou Joy, one of the most famous perfumes of all time, and also created many of the early fragrances from Parfums de Rosine.
Alran, Mylène Perfumer. Created Lalique for Bentley Crystal Edition in 2013, Roses de Chloé in collaboration with Michel Almairac in 2013, and Imperial Saphir in 2012, Azalée in collaboration with Michel Almairac in 2104, Ombre Indigo in 2014
Alvarez , Sebastian Created Jardin du Poete in collaboration with Marina Sersale and Bertrand Duchaufour in 2011
Amic, Jean Perfumer, Opium in collaboration with Jean-Louis Sieuzac of Roure
Andrièr, Daniele Fragrances have won Fifi awards: Lancome Attraction (European Fifi, 2003), Armani Prive Pierre de Lune (2006).
Anthony, Gerard Perfumer, eg created 'Cristobal pour Homme'
Perfumer; eg created 'Funeral Flowers' in 2003
Apel, David Parfumer; eg created 'Sunflowers' for Avon Cosmetics in 1993
Arif. Omer Created Pixiola in 1960
Armingeat, Pierre (1874 - 1955) Famous perfumer with the house of L.T.Piver
Arnaud , Dora Baghriche Created Vanitas in 1920, Caligna in 1913, Still Life in 2011, , Still Life in Rio in 2016
Artaud, Jean Grasse and Paris, established in 1703, created essential oils and fragrances
Astier, Jean-Claude Created Akowa in collaboration with Geoffrey Nejman in 2015, Black V in 2015
Astori, Alain Perfumer with International Flavors and Fragrances
Atwell, Finnis
Perfumer; created fragrances in 19th century
Auge, Pier Perfumer
Aulas, Pierre Created Jamais le Dimanche in 2009, Piège à Filles in 2009,
Auspitz, Jennifer Created After Hours, Embrace the Day, both in 2004, Hidden Cove in 2004
Babic, Miryana
Created Mielé Rosa in collaboartion with Alessandro Morsiani in 2006
Balahoutis, Alexandra Created Peloponnesian in 2010
Bailey, John Created Queen of Sheba Eau de Parfum in 2002, Rose d’Amour in 2003,
Bakouche, Stéphanie Created Invasion Barbare in 2007
Barleys Court perfumers in 1700; taken over by Cussons in the early 1900’s
Barel, Celine   Created Fancy Love in collaboration with Yves Cassar, Pascal Gaurin and Clement Gavarry in 2009, Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style: Lil Angel in 2010, Evergreen collaboration with Olivier Polge in 2014
Barrie Fragrances, Richard   created Baryshnikov pour femme in 1995
Barrado, Manolo   of Perfumería Gal created Alma in 2006
Basset. JoAnne   Created Reveiller and Le Voyage for Le Bijou,
Bauer , Eddie   Created Adventurer in 1993
Bayne, Beverly   Created Jasper Conran for Women in collaboration with Christian Provenzano
Beaulieu , Nicolas   Created Halloween Fleur in collaborartion with Carlos Benaïm and Olivier Polge in 2013, Life by Esprit Summer Edition Woman with Veronique Nyberg in 2014, Vespa for Her in 2014, Life by Esprit Summer Edition Woman with Veronique Nyberg in 2015, Eau Florale with Juliette Karagueuzoglou in 2015, Signorina Misteriosa with Sophie Labbé in 2016, Roma Passione Uomo with Juliette Karagueuzoglou in 2016, Gianfranco Ferré L’Uomo in 2016
Beaux, Ernest   Born in Russia in 1881; see A Rallet; inherited his father's business; noted perfumer; created 'No 5', 'No 22', 'Bois des Iles' and 'Cuir de Russe' for Chanel. Died in Paris in 1961
Baghriche, Dora   Created Anaïs Anaïs Premier Délice in collaboration with Olivier Cresp in 2014, Mon Paris with in collaboration with Olivier Cresp and Harry Fremont in 2016
Becker, Calice
A successful woman ‘nose’; created 'Tommy Girl' for Tommy Hilfiger and 'Woman of Earth' for Avon Cosmetics
Becker, Kristin   Created Be in collaboration with John Eshaya in 2005
Bell, James
Perfumer; created Elizabeth Arden's 5th Avenue and Laura Mercier's L'Heure Magique in conjuction with Cecile Krakower
Belmay   Created Bravado 2 and Bravado 3 in 2009
Belnavis, Claudette   Perfumer with of Takasago: created Live Luxe in collaboration with Jennifer Lopez, Bébé Sheer in collaboration with Jean Jacques in 2010, Guess Gold in 2006
Benaïm, Carlos
Parfumer with IFF; eg jointly created 'Prada edp' in 2004
Benareau, Nathalie   Created Lily of the Valley for Six Scents in 2016
Berard, James
Perfumer, created 'Techno-Pop', Retro-Fumes, Boo-Boo Strips in 1998, Fluffy Pillow in 1998, Scooby Snacks in 1998, Canned Peaches in 1998
Bercia, Jacques   Perfumer. Created Fille d’Eve in collaboration with Michel Hy, also Rive Gauche and Y.
Bergia, Henri
Bergman, Michele   Created Black Gardenia, Black Lotus, Black in c2007
Bernard Perfumer   Created Memories
Bertier, Domitille
Married to M. Michalon, see under 'M'
Béthouard, Jean-Pierre
Parfumer with Firmenich; eg created 'Parfum Scaré' in 1990
Betrix , Elena   Perfumer
Bevierre. Emilie   Created Samba Unzipped Sport Spray Woman in 1999, Into the Blue in collaboration with Mark Buxton in 2002,
Biagiotti, Laura   Created Roma in collaboration with perfumers at IFF in 1988, Attraction in collaboration with Daniela Andrier
Biecher, Christian   Created Attraction in collaboration with Daniela Andrier in 2003
Bienaime, Robert   Perfumer
Bijaou, Mathilde   Perfumer
Bijaoui, Norbert
Perfumer, e.g. created 'Organza Indecence' in collaboration with Jean-Claude Delville, 'Tiempe Passate' for Antonia’s Flowers and 'TL pour Lui' with Maurice Roucel
Billot, Marcel
Perfumer e.g. created 'Chantilly' for Houbigant
Bilodeau, Patricia   with Dragoco, created Doulton in 1998, Douro in 1985
Bisch, Quentin   Created La Fin du Monde in 2013, A*Men Uktra Zest in collaboration with Jacques Huclier in 2015, Ambre Impérial in 2015, Missoni by Missoni in 2015, Le Mâle Essence de Parfum and Attaquer Le Soleil Marquis de Sade in 2016
Bsiris, Nejla   Created Ocean Titanium in 1998
Blaizot, Pierre
Perfumer; e.g. created 'Plaisir', Plaiser Rayonnant, for Raphael,
Blanc, Honorine   Perfumer
Blanchet, Maurice
Parisian perfumer; e.g. created 'Je Reviens' for Jacques Worth
Blatt, Anny
Parisian perfumer ;launched a range of fragrances in c1950’s
Bocris, Francis
Perfumer, with Creations Aromatiques, e.g created 'Paloma Picasso'
Bodenham, James
Perfumer with J Floris; eg created 'Special no. 127' in 1890
Bohn, Peter
Perfumer created Bijan - Perfume for Women in 1987
Bonneville, Nicolas   Created Lithium in 2013, La Cologne de Rosine, Muguet de Rosine in 2015, Rose des Neiges in 2016
Bonnet, André
Parfumer; eg created 'Présence' in 1930
Bouge , Emilie   Created Câline Tender Moments in collaboration with Irene Farmachid in 2010, Little Kiss Cherry in 2009,
Boulanger, Evelyne
Perfumer, e.g.created 'Dalistyle'
Boulet, Emmanuel
The 'nose' for Paul Poiret
Bourdon, Pierre
Perfumer; created 'Cool Water' for Takasago in 1988. Pierre Bourdon earned a degree in political science before changing directions and enrolling in the Roure Bertrand Dupont school in Grasse. The only protégé of celebrated perfumer Edmond Roudnitska, he went to work for Roure in Paris.
In the 1980s, he revolutionized men's fragrance trends. Pierre Bourdon heads the company Fragrance Resources and is considered one of the most innovative perfumers of his generation (2005)
Bourgeois , Amélie   Created Paradis Perdu in 2013
Bourgeois, Bernard   Created Rocabar in collaboration with Jean-Claude Elléna and Gilles Romey
Bousidan , Christian   Created Puro and Puro Intence in 2010
Bousseton, Phillippe
Brando, Tristan
Perfumer with Monyette, Paris; created 'Untitled no. 2'
Briel-Radius, Odette
Perfumer with Roure; e.g. created 'Worth pour homme'
Brody, Shirley
An independent British perfumer ; created 'Pompeii' , Mimosa, Neroli, Oxford & Cambridge Lavender,
Brosius, Christopher
Perfumer, formerly of Kiehls & Demeter, established 'CB I Hate Perfumes'. Christopher Brosius started working with fragrance while he with Kiehl's. In 1993, he left Kiehl's and founded Demeter, where he eventually built up a huge "fragrance library" of in
Brozler , Anastasia   Perfumer: created Holy Thistle and Celtic Fire in 2012, Gothic Bluebell in 2012, Quince, Mint & Moss in 2012,
Bruyere, Laurent   Perfumer with IFF
Buccella, Enrico   Created Alambar in 2010
Bugey, Daphne
Created 'Rose 31' for Le Labo
Burdin, Stéphane   Burdin, Stéphane
Burke, Claire
Perfumer, created 'Fontana'
Burlingham, Stephan
Perfumer, the great-grandson of Louis Comfort Tiffany
Burnham, Arthur
Independent 20th English century perfumer of world repute
Busse, Betty
Perfumer with IFF, created 'Narcisse' for Parfums Chloé
Buxton, Marc
Perfumer, e.g. created 'Comme des Garçons - White'
Buzantian, Annie
Parfumer; training with Elie Roger, master perfumer; awarded the title, Master Perfumer in 1998, worked Firmenich's North American Headquarters in Princeton; created many best selling fragrances in association with Estée Lauder, Ralph Lauren Fragrances, G
Cabos, Jean-François   Created by Black Purple for men and Paradis Paradis for women in collaboration with Jacques Chabert in 2010, Shamsin for women and Ten Nine for women both in collaboration with Jacques Chabert in 2011
Cachen, Corinne
Parfumer; eg created 'Présence d’Une Femme' in 2001', 'Présence Cool' in 2002 for Mont Blanc and Olivier Strelli 'Eau de Toilette' in 2005
Cain, Claire
Perfumer, e.g. created 'Red Door' in 1989
Camail, Francis
Parfumer with Robertet; eg created 'Peri d’Eau' in 1997
Canali, Cristiano   Created Romanza in 2016
Carles, Jean
Perfumer; created 'Ma Griffe' for Carven
Cassar, Yves
Perfumer, created fragrance for Richard Taylor in 2006
Carlin, Alexandra   Created Bloodflower in 2016
Caron, Françoise
Perfumer; eg created 'Saint Germain des Prés' in 1998
Catapano, Josephine
One of the first American perfumers, with Ernest Shiftan, at IFF. Later she was also a mentor for the perfumer Sophia Grojsman; little is known about her creations; one of her greatest succeses is the beautiful Fidji (1965) created for Guy Laroche. Another is Norell, which she considered her best and beloved creation. Presented with the Achievement Award by the American Society of Perfumers in 1993. Died in 2012
Cavallier, Jacques
Parfumer; born January 1962 in Grasse; both father and grandfather were perfumers; work with Charabot; 3 years later joined Naarden (Quest International) first in the fine fragrance laboratory in Grasse and then in the Netherlands. He next moved to PFW in 1988 and to Firmenich in 1990. Met Alberto Morillas, his "brother in creation" and Chantal Roos who taught him "how to work and impose his choices". With her, he created L'Eau d'Issey (Issey Miyake) in 1991 and Jean Paul Gaultier Women in 1993 and then 'L'Eau d'Issey for Men', 'Le Feu d'Issey', 'Nu' for Yves Saint Laurent.
Chevalier, Jean   Created Poivré in 1920
Celle, Christiane   Created Bellini in 2010
Cerizza, Maurizio
Created Ozio in collaboration with Silvio Levi in 2009
Cellier, Germaine
Perfumer; born in Bordeaux in 1909; died in 1976; a striking woman—elegant, tall, thin, blond, blue-eyed. She had a sharp sense of humour and was full of vitality. Worked for the fragrance house Roure-Bertrand-Dupont; e.g. created Fracus for Robert Piguet
Chaillan, Jean Marc   Perfumer
Chaillan, Raymond
Parfumer with Firmenich, eg co-created of 'Anais-Anais' in 1978
Chabert, Jacques   Created Paradis Paradis for women in collaboration with Jean-François Cabos in 2010
Chaillan, Jean Marc   Perfumer
Chaillan, Raymond   Parfumer with Firmenich, eg co-created of 'Anais-Anais' in 1978
Chambert, Claire   Created M Génération in collaboration with Henri Bergia in 2010,
Chant, Bernard   Perfume - Died 1987
Chantecaille, Sylie   Established Beauté de Chantecaille , created Damaros in 2010, Frangipanni in 1997,
Chapuis, Anne-Sophie   Perfumer; created 'Attitude for men' in collaboration with Sophia Labbe (2006),
Byblos Man (2006), Odeur 53 (1998) with Martine Pallix
Charles V
Perfumer, established in 1950; launched a range of fragrances.
Also known as 'Charles the Fifth'.
Chelariu, Gabriela Perfumer: created Harajuku Lovers Sunshine Cuties G
Chenier, André Franco-American perfumer based in New York; affiliated with Marquis de Elorza; launched own range of fragrances as well a supplying B Altman department stores
Chevalier, Georges   Created Chai in 1918, Fin Comme L’Ambré in 1913
Chevalier , Jean   Created Poivré in 1920
Choux, Patricia   Created Revolution in 2010, Wishes & Dreams in 2012, Nouveau in 2013, Le Premier Parfum in 2014
Christian, Clive
London; perfumer; creator of bespoke fragrances
Clerc-Marie, Amandine   Created Gingembre Rouge in collaboration with Alberto Morillas in 2014, David Beckham Classic Summer in 2014
Cochran, Jacqueline   Perfumer with PPI, created Niki de Saint-Phalle in 1982
Collas , Violaine   Created Dangerous Complicity in 2012, Jasmin Poudré in 2013, Épices Sultanes in 2013,
Collet, Philipe   Created Dalimania in 1999
Collignon, Delphine   Created Un Zest de Rose in collaboration with François Robert
Constant, Sonia   Parfumer
Constantine, Mark   Created '25.43 in 2012
Constantine, Simon   Created The Smell of Freedom in 2010, Breath of God in 2007,
Cope, Douglas
Parfumer for J Floris Ltd; eg created 'Seringa' in 1992
Copperman, Emilie (nee Bevierre)
Perfumer, e.g. created 'Annayake pour elle'
Corell, Joachim Created Urban Tropicalia by Alexandre Herchcovitch in 2008,
Corre, Joesph Perfumer; eg created 'Salon Rose Potion' in 2002
Corticchiato, Marc-Antoine   Perfumer; established Parfums d'Empire; also a doctor in chemistry; formed a collaboration in 2006 with historian Elisabeth de Feydeau the author of 'A Scented Palace' to create perfumes for his line. Created Speakeasy in 2012, Cuir Ottoman in 2006, Eau Suave in 2005, Iskander in 2006, Eau de Glorie in 2003, Eau de Gloire Cologne pour l'Hiver Edition Millésimée in 2013
Coty, François
Established Coty perfume house. Osmoz has an article about the Chateau d’Artigny, a former Coty mansion that now houses a perfume museum
Coueslant, Yves   Created Do Son in collaboration with Fabrice Pellegrin in 2005
Coupy, Gérard   Created Magie Noire in 1978
Courtin-Clarins, Jacques   of Clarins created Eau Dynamisante in 1987
Couture Bluche, Marie-Aude   Perfumer
Creed, Erwin Henry
Perfumer (7th generation?) of Creed perfumers
Creed, Henry
Perfumer (3rd generation?) of Creed perfumers
Creed, James Henry
Perfumer and founder of The House of Creed : refer to Volume C, chapter 10, page 4 for details
Creed, Oliver Henry
Sixth generation of Creed perfumers
Cresp, Olivier
Perfumer, e.g. created 'Noa'
Cuttler, Harry A.   Created Charlie in 1973
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