d’Alamonde Parisian perfumer; active between the World Wars
d’Andon, Marc Fanton   Perfumer. Created L’Arbré de la Connaissance in 2011
Dadier, Alexis Perfumer; eg created 'Incense' for Nelly Rodi, Lilabelle Truly Adorable for Kate Moss, Magnolia for L'Occitaine,  
Dalman, Fredrik   Created Bohea Bohème in 2016
Daltroff, Ernest
(1867-1947) Founder of the house of Caron (Parfums Caron) and the creator of  their early perfumes.
Darzens , Georges   Created Azurea in collaboration with Jacques Rouché in 1897, Esperys in collaboration with Jacques Rouché in 1903 and Floramye in collaboration with Jacques Rouché in 1903
David, Violaine   of Takasago created Byblos Bleu in 2005, J.del Pozo in White in collaboration with Francis Kurkdjian in 2007,
Davis, George   UK retial guru, created L4Men in 2008
de Barry, Nicolas   Parfumer: created Les Parfums Historiques - George Sand
de Chiris, Yves   Created Angel in collaboration with Olivier Cresp in 1992
de Feydeau, Elisabeth   Perfumer
de Lenclos, Christian   Created Outrage
de Nicolaï ,Patricia
Perfumer; established Parfums de Nicolaï
de Provenzano , Christian   Created Halfeti in 2015
de Saint-Aignan, Stéphanie   Perfumer; launches new range each year (2007)
de Tscharner, Sabine
Perfumer; e.g created 'Shanghai' for Marc Rosen, Adidas 'Urban Spice' for Adidas and 'Black for men' with Harry Fremont for Kenneth Cole
Deleamont, Francis   Created VV Man in collaboration with Ilias Ermenidis
Demachy, François
DeMercado, Steve
Perfumer, e.g. created 'Magnetic Beat'
Demery, Jean-Pierre   Created Méridienne
Dennis, R P   Created A by Annabella in 1987, Baglietto in 1987, Blue Marine, Arrogance pour Homme in 2000, Arrogantissima in 1988
Desgrippes, Joel   French perfumer, e.g. 'Chiari Boni' for Diana de Silva in 1990
Desprez, Jean   Created Crêpe de Chine in 1925,
Deville, Jean-Claude
Diener , Jean-Jacques   of Givaudan Perfumers: created Must de Cartier in 1981,
Di Marino , Jérôme   Created Carven L'Eau Intense under the supervision of Francis Kurkdjian in 2016
di Orio, Mona
Perfumer of Italian/Spanish descent, protégé of Edmond Roudnitska. Launched eponymous niche line in 2006. Died in December 2011
Dir, Claude
Perfumer, e.g. created 'Curious'
Do, Darryl     Created Amber in 2011
Doma, Damir     Created Ende / Anfang in collaboration with Yann Vasser in 2009,
Donche, Françoise  
Perfumer with Givenchy, created the 'Exclusive' range in 2006, Noblige in 2012, Organza Jasmin d'Inde Millésime 2005 in 2006,
Dong, Loc
Perfumer, e.g. created 'Portfolio for men'
d'Oranano, Hurbert Isabelle   Created Eau du Soir in 1970
Dove, Rojo
Brighton; was Professeur de Parfums de Guerlain for sixteen years – creates one-off fragrances for exclusive clientele (10.02.02 in You magazine) Opened exclusive salon in Harrods of Knightsbridge. Also refered to as Roja Parfums (2011), Also created Hardy Amies Eau de Parfum in 2005
Doyen, Elizabeth   Created Eau de Prince Jardinière
Doyen, Isabelle
Perfumer (qualified in 1987) to Annick Goutal; created the following fragrances: Ce Soir Ou Jamais, Eau du Fier, Eau du Sud, Gardenia Passion, Grand Amour, Mandragore, Petite Cherie, Sables, and Songes, to be released in 2006. Her other fragrance is Eau du Prince Jardinière by Prince Jardinière.
DuBreuil, Karine
Perfumer, with Drom International, e.g. created 'Envy Me'
Duchaufour, Bernard
Perfumer, e.g. created 'Fahrenheit Fresh'
Duchêne, Marie     Created Alkemi in 2010, Cozumel in 2010, Rosamunda in 2012,
Dumont, Lawrence     Created Les Senteurs Gourmandes Tendre Madeleine in c2000
Dumur, Caroline     Created So Sweet in collaboration with Anna Filpo in 2016
Duriez, Jean-Michel     Perfumer, joined Jean Patou in 1997, and became "house nose" in 1998. A friend and muse of Estelle Hallyday. In December 2008 was appointed 'nose' for Rochas as well as continuing his similar role at Jean Patou.
Duval, René  
Parisian perfumer; created fragrance for Germaine Lecomte and Lulli for Lubin Parfumeur
Edrehi, Isaac David
Born in Hamburg, Germany in 1813, , emigrated to USA in 1845, estabished a shop in 259 East 34th Street, New York which burnt down in may 1860. He re-invented himself with a new shop on Greenwich St. Died tragically in 1884
Ermenidis, Ilias
Parfumer; Greek by birth; born in Istanbul; moved to Athens at the age of ten; studied perfumery for 4 years at the "Institut Superieur International Du Parfum" (ISIPCA) in Versailles, joined Firmenich in Geneva in 1986.
From 1988 to 1995 he worked as a Fine Fragrance Perfumer at Firmenich Paris. After seven years in Paris, moved to New York; has created fragrances in partnership with Oscar de la Renta, The Estee Lauder Companies, Givenchy, Alfred Sung, Escada, Halston, Byblos Iceberg, etc.
Elléna, Bernard
Perfumer; created 'Tribu' for Benetton Cosmetics
Elléna, Celine
Daughter of Jean-Claude; parfumer in her own right, created 'Sel de Vetiver'
Elléna, Jean-Claude
French 'nose'; created 'Hermèssence' for Hermès Parfums in 2004; describes each perfume as a 'haiku'; a 'compressed exhalation of scent'.
Established The Different Co; see [    ] for details
Epinette, Jerome   Perfumer.
Eshaya, John   Created Be in collaboration with Kirsten Becker in 2005
Ethier, Charna
eg. Created Mousseline Pêche
Evans, Lois     Created Intuition for men in collaboration with Pierre Wargnye, Yves Cassar and Alenor Massenet in 2002
Fabre, Marion   eg. Ophélia in 2009
Fabron, Francis
Perfumer with Roure
Fargeon, Jean-Louis
Parisian parfumer, became Queen Marie-Antoinette personnel parfumeur and cosmetician; sold formulae to LeGrand
Farmachid , Irene   Created Câline Tender Moments in collaboration with Emilie Bouge in 2010
Faye, Betty
Connecticut; a perfumer; launched fragrances c1925; also see under Volume F, chapter 7 page 2
Feisthauer, Nathalie
Perfumer created Yohji Yamamoto pour femme
Feminis, Paul
18th century perfumer
Ferro, Lorenzo Dante   Created Juliet by Juliet Stewart in 2010,
Ferrero, Lucien   Created Le Vetiver in 2007
Fillion, Barnabé   Created Geranium 30 in 2014, Marrakech Intense in 2014
Fisher, Silva   Perfumer: created Harley-Davidson Her Destiny in collaboration with Phillippe Bousseton
Flavigny, Guillaume
Perfumer with Givaudan
Fléchier, Edouard   Born in 1949 in Grasse, France, grew up in a family in the “business.” Very young, he showed an interest in high perfumery. After obtaining his baccalauréat in science in 1967, he entered the Perfumery school of Roure Bertrand Dupont. There he studied with Marcel Carles (son of Jean Carles, the founder of the school and of the famous Roure Method). According to his peers, even then he stood out as a phenomenon. First a perfumer for Roure in Grasse, he joined the Fine Fragrance department of the company in 1977, then headed by Jean Amic. In the mid 80s he became one of France's star perfumers
Fleischmann, Lisa   Created Midnight Datura in 2016
Flori, Jacques
Perfumer, created 'Dimoselle' for DIM
Fraysse, André
Perfumer; associated with Paul Vacher, created fragrances for Lanvin
Fraysse, Jacqueline   Perfumer - Noir in 1937
Fraysse, Richard
Flores-Roux, Rodrigo
Perfumer with Quest International
Flipo, Anne
Fontaine , Thomas   Created Korrigan in 2012, re-orchestarted Patou pour Homme in 2013
Foyle, Shelagh
House perfumer for J Floris Ltd
Frazer, Tammy
A 100% natural organic line. Grandfather was the inventor of Oil of Olay. Each creation is presented as a pure perfume and prersented in a 22g in a hand blown opaque glass flacon with dropper crafted by glass artist David Reade of Worcester, South Africa.
Fremont, Harry
Parfumer; born in Cannes, France, graduated from the ISIPCA or "Institute Superieur de la Parfumerie" located in Versailles in 1981, he received two consecutive awards for his olfactive creation by the prestigious "Societe Technique Des Parfumeurs de France" in both 1984 and 1985. In 1987, joined the Firmenich International Fragrance Center in New York after spending three years at the Corporate Headquarters in Geneva; has created fragrances in partnership with Ralph Lauren Fragrances, Calvin Klein Cosmetics, Intimate Beauty, Bath & Body Works, Cacharel, Nino Cerruti, Valentino and Lancome
Fucks, George   Created Blue Grass in 1934
Fusciuni. Meo   Created Luci Ed Ombre in 2013
Gabai-Pinsky , Veronique   of Dragoco created BCB Girls Metro, BCB Girls Nature, BCB Girls Star, BCB Girls Sexy
Gabilla, Henriette   Parfumer established Les Parfumeries de Gabilla
Gain, Claire   Perfumer with Givaudan-Roure, created 'Cerruti 1881 pour Femme'
Gaultieri, Alessandro   Created Madly for MariaLux in 2012, Pardon in 2011, Truly in 1912, Boccanera in 2014
Gavarry, Clement
Parfumer with IFF; eg joinlty created 'Prada edp' in 2004
Gaurin, Pascal   Parfumer
Gavarry, Max
Parfumer with IFF; eg joinlty created 'Prada edp' in 2004
George, Amy
Richmond, Virgina, Virginia Commonwealth University graduate student established Modern Atelier; created and launched local fragrances
Gerard, Anthony   Created Façonnable pour Elle in 2000, Façonnable Stripe in 2005, Harley-Davidson His Destiny in 1999,
Ghislain , Gérald   Created 1899 Hemmingway in 2013
Giacobetti, Olivia
Perfumer, born on April 9, 1966 in Boulogne, France. Her father, Francis Giacobetti, a well-known photographer and a director of film Emmanuelle 2, encouraged Olivia in her desire to become a perfumer. At 17, she started studying at Robertet, and several years later she created her own company IUNX Boutique ; refer for details
Giboulet, Henri
Perfumer; created 'Gin Fizz' for Lubin
Gill, Mr
A perfumer; mentioned by E Rimmel; displayed in French expo of 1867
Gillotin, Olivier
Perfumer, e.g. created 'Cristobal' in 1999
Girard, Michel   Perfumer
Girodroux, André   Created Van Cleef (for Her) in 1993
Glazman, Lev
Russian born perfumer; established Fresh Cosemtics in Boston
Glasser , Azzi   of Family Three, created "In Peace" and "Laura Ashley No 1"
Gobin-Daudé, Victoire
Perfumer; established Perfums Gobin-Daudé
Goetting, Adolph
The 'nose' for California Perfume Co
Gomez, Sebastian
Parfumer; eg created 'Sybaris for Men' in 1988
Gonon , Robert   Parfumer with Firmenich, eg co-creator of 'Anais-Anais' in 1978
Gonon, Richard (René)
Perfumer, e.g. created 'Ô de Lancôme' in 1969
Gorham, Ben
Created Belle de Tanger in 2016
Gottleib , Ann   Parfumer with Quest International
Gouges, Michel   Perfumer: created Jamoca Musk for Men
Goupy, Gérard
Perfumer; e.g. created 'Magie Niore' in 1978 and 'Cacharel l’Homme' in 1981
Goutal, Annick
Established by Annick Goutal, born in Paris in 1945; a child prodigy at the piano; trained as a ‘nose’ with Robertet in Grasse; married cellist Alain Meunier in 1980; started by blending a cologne for her husband that reproduced the sand dunes on the ële de Ré, off the western coast of France, and opened her first boutique in Paris in 1981, that sold just one scent, Folavril. Died on the 20th August 1999 of cancer. See Parfums Annick Goutal
Goutal, Camille
The 27-year-old (2002) daughter of the legendary Parisian perfumer Annick Goutal; joined the company's creative team when her mother died of breast cancer in 1999. Now in collaboration with Isabelle Doyen, the house nose creating fragrances.
Gracia-Ceto, Natalie
Perfumer, created Burberry Brit Red which was awarded the Fifi for Women’s Nouveau Niche in 2005. Burberry Brit won in the Luxe category in 2004. Burberry Brit Rhythm for Women in collaboration with Antoine Maisondieu in 2014
Grajcar , Louison   Created Plaisir df’Amour in 2011
Gras, Martin
Parfumer; eg created 'Popy Moreni' in 1996
Grauby, Jean-Louis
Parfumeur, created 'Just Me for Men' in 2005
Gray , Marie   co-founder of St. John, created St. John in 2008
Grojsman, Sophia Chodosz-
Perfumer of Russian descendent, senior perfumer for IFF
Guarin, Pascal
Perfumer, e.g. created 'Crave men' in 2002
Gualtieri , Alessandro   Created Viride in 2014
Guerin, Georges   Created Cypria in 1926
Gueros, Pierre-Constantin   Created Venetian Belladonna in 2016
Guerlain, Aimé
Perfumer. The eldest son of Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain, (d. 1910)
Guerlain, Jacques
Perfumer (1874-1963). Nephew of Aimé Guerlain
Guerlain, Jean-Paul
Perfumer, Jean Paul was shot during a robbery at his home on the day Guerlinade was launched. Retired in 2002
Guerlain, Marcel
Perfumer; see under 'Houses' Volume G, chapter 5 page 6 - Guerlain, Marcel (Hughes)
Guerlain, Pierre-François Pascal
A chemist; opened a toiletry shop at 42 rue de Rivoli in Paris, to escape his violent father; moved to 15 rue de la Paix. The creator of the famous "Guerlinade" base used in many of the famous fragrances. Died in 1864; succeeded by sons Aime, a perfumer a perfumer and Gabriel, the manager.Refer to 'Guerlain, The House of' Chapter 5 page 6 for more details
Guéros, Pierre-Constantin   Perfumer. Created Kristians and New York in 2009 , Nooka in collaboration with Matthew Waldman in 2009, Odin 02 Owari in 2009,
Guichard, Aurelien
Perfumer, e.g. created 'Chinatown' in 2005
Guichard, Jean
Perfumer. Also the director of the Givaudan Perfumery School. The winner of the Prix François Coty in 2000
Guillaume, Pierre
Perfumer who came his profession by way of chemistry; established Parfumerie Générale in c2005
Guinamand, Thomas   Perfumer
Gunnarson, Florence
A self-taught society perfumer of the 1940’s; for further details refer to Volume G, chapter 5, page 6.
Gutsatz , Yury   (1914-2005), an emigrant to Paris from St Petersbug, Russia. He had been born intois father was a chemist David Gutsatz in St. Petersburg, he was separated from his father when he was a 10-year-old boy: the family moved to Berlin but his father stayed in the USSR. His family had friends in Paris, working in the perfume industry; he was offered a place at Parfums Mury. In 1945 he met Louis Amic, the head of Roure Bertrand Fils & Justin Dupont, the largest perfumery and chemical giant at the time. In 1956 he was sent by Amic to India and established the Indian joint company of Roure Bertrand Fils & Justin Dupont and the Tata Group. In 1975 he left Roure Bertrand Fils and created the very first niche perfume house – Le Jardin Retrouve, "to save perfume as perfume art".
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