!By Exclamation   Associated with Coty; launched 'young' fragrances : ! By Ex'cla.ma'tion (1995), ! Ex'cla.ma'tion Blush (1996), ! Ex'cla.ma'tion Dare (1997), ! Ex'cla.ma'tion Eau (1998), ! Ex'cla.ma'tion Noir (1998), ! Ex'cla.ma'tion Play (2003), ! Ex'cla.ma'tion Star (2005)
B & B Cosmetics   Launched Delvge
B Bogner   Launched a fragrance
B Never too Busy to be Beautiful  UK Established in Hackney, London by the younger sister of the founder of Lush Cosmetics; have 3 shops in the UK, focus on makeup and fragrance; the fragrances were developed by Lush co-founder Mark Constantine. Company closed in c1995 with established Lush Cosmetics
B U  USA Launched Free and Sensual in 2000
B.U.M. Equipment  USA Launched B.U.M. for Men in 1999
Bab’s Creations  USA West 52nd Street, New York; toiletry and fragrance manufacturer active in c1940’s, launched Yester Year, Scarlett O'Hara, Gay Whirl, Hurdy Gurdy, Mint Julep, Blossomscents, Wood Nymph , Forever Yours, Tic Toc, Linger Longer in c1940
Babani, Maurice     Son of Vitaldi Babani; a couturier at 93 & 98 boulevard Hausmann, Paris; In 1919, Maurice Babani was the second couturier after Poiret and before Chanel to introduce perfumes as part of a fashion label.
Babani of Paris   Established by Vitaldi Babani c1895. From obscure backgrouns. Known for their oriental imports and bohemian-style embroidered silk velvets. Launched Diables Bleus in association with J A Marceau
Babani , Parfumerie   Established in 1912 as a separate company from the Couturier. One of the main tag lines in 1920 was "Parfums inconnus d'Orient et d'Extrême-Orient" (lit. Unknown perfumes of the Orient and Far-East). The "unknown" part was dropped by 1923. Associated with Elizabeth Arden in the 1920's through whom exported to USA. Launched Diables Bleus and Mon Amie Elizabeth in 1926, also Afghani (1912), Ambré de Delhi (1919), Yasmak (1919), Ligéia (1920), Ming (1920), Pao-Pé (1920), Daïmo (1921), Jasmin de Corée (1930)
Babar Characters  USA Launched eponymous fragrance
Babbitt  USA Philadelphia; launched Lily of the Valley, White Rose, Beaucoup Fleurs, Fleur de Nuit, Nuit de Joyeuse between c1924 and 1927
Babcock, A P    USA New York; a perfumer; launched fragrances under own name, also made fragrances for other companies: active between 1890 to 1935
Babor, Dr   Launched Babor (for) Men in 1981, Babor Men Super, Baboré in 1983, Tristano Onofri in 1987
babyGund   Launched babyGund Blue - Brown - Pink and Purple in c2006, also TBA
Babylone  USA Launched eponymous fragrance
Baby Phat  USA Apparel and beauty line established by Kimora Lee Simmons, former fashion model and spouse of hip hop mogul Russell Simmons (see also: Phat Farm). Fragrances are created in association with Coty Prestige - Baby Phat Goddess in 2005. Golden Goddess in 2006, Seductive Goddess and Fabulosity in 2008 and Dare Me in 2010, Baby Phat Luv Me in 2011
Baccarat, Cristalleries de   Follow link
Bach's of Spain   Launched Migda, Orphelia and Turmela
Bachs, J.S.  Italy Perfumery house; launched Sonata
Bachchan, Amitabh   Launched Amitabh B pour Homme in 2002
Bache, Ella   Launched Côte d’Azur
Bachs, Parfums    Spain Also known as Bach's of Spain. A beauty products company; launched Arpelia, Chape 75, Migda, Orphelia, Tauro,Tundra and Tumelia
Bacieri   Launched La Felice Azzurra
Bade   Launched 1001 Champagne, 1001 Scheherazade, 1001 Suleila and 1001 Whispering
Badgley Mischka  USA Fashion house founded by Mark Badgley and James Mischka in 1988. Debut fragrance launched in 2006. Acquired by Escada in 1992 and is currently owned by The Iconix Group (formerly Candie’s). The fragrance license is held by Elizabeth Arden. Launched Fleurs de Nuit in 2007
Baeder   Established by Zoltron & Stephen, cousins from Budapest, Hungary; launched Acacia Triste, Arany Liliom, Aspha and Jardin Fleuri in c1920
Baetz, Misses   Launched Miss B's Gardenia Drops in c1940
Bagchi & Co., P M  India Calcutta; launched Forget-Me-Not in 1930
Bagheera, Les Parfums   France. Launched eponymous fragrance in 1919
Bagutta Life   A 'Life Style' Company - launched perfume oils created by Jalaine Sommers; Rainforest, Honeysuckle, Green Tea, Vanilla Fields, Patchouli, Musk, Citrus Dream, Cucumber, Amber and Ocean: closed in April 2005; fragrances discontinued; re-launched under the 'Jalaine' label
Bahama, Tommy   Line of upscale resort-casual wear established in 1992. Fragrances were introduced in 2005 with Tommy Bahama fragrances for men and women
Bailey & Co., T B  USA Boston; a perfume manufacturer active in c1900
Bailey, Alice  USA Los Angeles; launched Hollywood Nights in 1946
Bailey, Charles R  USA New York; launched Trilby in 1895
Bailey, John  UK Artisan Perfumer & Scent-maker;; founder of The Perfumers Guild Ltd., launched Society Rose in 1982, Perfumers Rose in c1990 and Perfumers Rose in c2000
Bailleres Parfumerie   Toulouse, France; active early part of 20th century - launched Fête de Nuit and Floreal
Baily's Pecular Perfume  USA Also referred to as 'Old Baily's', launched Kenfloryl in c1900
Bain de Nuit   (Night Bath) French women's fashion brand established by Chantal Temam , specializing in glitzy evening wear (long and short, including pant suits) as well as wedding gowns. Launched Bain de Nuit Eau de Parfum in 2008  
Baker  USA Newark, New Jersey; launched Aristolou in c1890
Baker & Co., Nelson  USA Launched Blossom Time, Fleurs du Midi, Garden Court, Spring Blossom and Slyvodora on c1925
Baker Laboratories  USA Launched Kerba, Kerba de Lace and Kerba de Leurie in 1925
Baker Perfumer, Maurice  USA New York and Portland; BIMAL style c1880
Baker, Charles I  USA Philadelphia; launched Cloverleaf Perfume in 1890
Baker, Erwin H  USA San José, California; launched Evening Chimes in c1904
Baker, H L   Launched Fauvette in 1930
Baker of Newark
Launched Aristolou in c1890
Baker, Ted  UK Fashion label launched his signature fragrance in 1998
Balba Corp  USA Toledo, Ohio; Launched eponymous fragrance in 1930
Balcana   Launched Lavande and Unitte ou Double
Baldessarni  EU Established by Werner Baldessarni launched signature fragarnce in 2001; part of Hugo Boss (P&G Prestige)   Acquired by Maurer & Wirtz in 2011
Baldinini   Launched Baldinini Man in 2008
Baldwin Perfumery Co  USA Chicago, Illinois; launched fragrances between c1895 and 1930
Balenciaga, Parfums     Established by Cristobel Balenciaga Eisaguirre (born in Guetaria, Spain 1895), in 1911 aged 16, opened first couture shop. In 1915 opened first salon in his own name in San Sebastian. In 1937 opened House of Balenciaga in Paris. Signature perfume' Le Dix' launched in 1947. Died on 24.03.1972 in Valencia. Sold to Hoechst in 1972, who in 1986 sold to Jacque Bogart. In 1988 Balenciaga Couture et Parfums was acquired by Jacques and Regine Konichier. Became part of PPR/Gucci - signed licensing agreement with Coty Prestige in October 2008 to create and distribute range of fragrances. As of 2009 other than flankers for Cristobal and Cristobal Pour Homme in 2003/4 all of Balenciaga’s prior fragrances are out of production
Balestra, Renato   Launched Balestra (1978), Balestra pour Homme (1982), Blu Balestra pour Homme (1995), Argento (1996), Argento pour Homme (1997), Oro pour Femme (1997), Via Sistina pour Femme (2001), Via Sistina pour Homme (2001), Diamante Nero (2009), Essenza Divina (2012)
Ball, Delbert E  USA Saginaw, Michigan; also recorded as Delbert Prall; launched Banzai and Dorothy in c1900
Ballagio, Enzo EU Launched Monsieur
Ballarde Inc   Paris and New York; established by Martin de Markoff; Launched Alexa, Arcadi, Le Muguet ,Le Tuberose, L’Automne en Arcadi, L’Été en Arcadi, Le Charme d’Arcadi, Le Magnolia d'Arcadi, between 1930 and 1945
Ballesteros, Sevé  Spain Spanish golfer; launched Royal Green in 1992. Died in 2014
Bally  Swiss A high quality manufacturer of leather goods, expanded into fashion-wear and other allied merchandise and fragrances - launched Bally Masculin in 1980
Balmain, Parfums Pierre   or Parfums Balmain. Pierre Balmain born on 18.05.1914 in Savoie, France; established Maisón Balmain in Paris in 1945; first perfume 'Elysées 64 83' was launched in 1946. Perfume business bought by Revlon in 1960. In 1982 Balmain died and in the same year the company was sold on and since 1991 has been owned by Erich Fayer. However the company filed for bankruptcy protection in 2004, currently attempting a comeback under Creative Director Christophe Decarnin
Balmy Nite  USA Launched eponymous fragrance in 1925
Balsac, Yvonne   Launched Yvonne Balsac pour Homme
Baltzouroff & Co   Established in Sophia, Bulgaria in 1845; manufacturers of essential oil, launched Pure Otto of Rose in 1935
Bamberger & Co., L  USA Of Newark, New Jersey; launched Chanty in 1922 and Rose in 1923
Bamiot   Launched Arôme des Fellah in c1910
Banana Republic  USA Casual clothing chain owned by Gap, Inc.
Banani, Antonio   Launched a fragrance
Banani, Bruno   Established in 1993 as a manufacturer of upmarket men’s underwear; the company has since expanded into watches, swimwear, and fragrance (under arrangements with Procter & Gamble). The company motto is “not for everybody”. Fragrances launched in 2000
Bancilla of India India Launched Royal Bouquet in 1925 and Locelle in 1930 In association with Crown Chemicals, India .
Banderas , Antonio  Spain Actor; fragrance line is produced under arrangements with Puig Beauty
Bandai  Japan Toy company launched Sailor Moon Eau de Toilette in the Miracle Romance cosmetics collection in 2014
Bandi   Launched Sailor Moon Eau de Toilette in 2014
Banks, Daniel   Launched Aquatic, Dani pour homme and Life
Banks , Jeff  UK Fashion designer launched Jeff & Co., KYO and Myo in c2000
Banon et Fils., L   Paris launched Essence de Lavende des Alpes in 1950
Banwell, André   Launched 'Räks ' in 1998
Bao Gam   Launched Dao Gio Vim
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