C J Scents   Launched 'Vanilla Incense'.
C R Designs   Launched C’est si Bon
C.M Associates Hawaii Honolulu; launched Mes Fleurs and Plumeria in 1970
Cabanel , Téo   Established in c1893 by a doctor and chemist in Algiers, France. Launched demoiselle de Paris, Frina and Yasmina in c1893
Cabanel , Téo   Company re-launched in 2005 by Caroline Moncouqut; is launching modern interpretations of its original formulations. Its first new perfumes are IHA and JULIA, created by Jean-François Latty (the perfumer of YSL's classics, Jazz and YSL Pour Homme)
Cabot Laboratories   Launched Musk Oil
Cabriole   Launched eponymous fragrance
Cacharel, Parfums   A division of the Parisian fashion house Cacharel; established by Jean Bousquet in 1962; born in 1932 in Nimes; company named after a small wild duck found in his native Provence. Launched first fragrance 'Anais Anais' in 1978; Parfums Cacheral; now owned by L’Oréal
Cachet   Launched Essence in 1997
Cadente, Stella   Fashion label established by Ukrainian-born designer Stanislassia Klein in the early 1990s; launched debut fragrance in 2005 in association with Clarins , after 2008 association ceased and transfered to Parfums & Beauté. Launched Miss Me in 2005, Acqua Stella Cadente in 2007 and Miss Me Discrete? in 2007
Cadillac USA Launched eponymous fragrance in 2009, Bright Stars and Sinner in 1951
Cadolle, Frères   Established by Herminie Cadolle at 14 rue Cambon Paris in 1910; a lingerie designer, who had originally established a corsetry shop in Buenos Aires in 1889; invented the ‘soutien-gorge’ the brassiere in 1900; a family business who introduced perfumes in 1926; grand-daughter Marguerite launched fragrances; in 1986 Poupie Cadolle incorporated Cadolle Parfums
Cadoricin USA Launched Cadoricin Brillantine for Men
Caelicia   Launched Vanille et Mûre fille
Caesars World Merchandising Inc. USA Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, launched Caesars World Extravagant Perfume, Caesars Ferentina, Caesars Man, Caesars Woman, Palace Reserve
Café Société Parfum Co USA Milwaukee, New York; launched Dreams Come True, Homme de Café and Cuddle in 1946
Café, Parfums   A Parisian perfume house
Cahed, Cindy   Alternative spelling Cindy Chahed; launched a fragrance
Caine, Shakira UK Model and wife of the English actor Michael Caine; launched a fragrance in 2000
Caire USA Established by Mrs R Scott Linsley in Fairfield, Connecticut; launched Moods in 1933
Cairo Museum Egypt Launched Le Kyphi in 2002
Calabresella of Italy   Established by Annunziato Tedesco & Sons, Launched eponymous fragrance and Acqua de Colonia Calber in 1922
Calber Perfumeria Higienca Spain 4 Misericordia, San Sebastian; produced cosmetics and fragrances in the 1920’s
Calderara & Bankmann   Vienna and Paris; launched fragrances on the early part pf 20th century : Caba, Lou, Rêve d’Amour, Sylvida, Mon Bijou
Caldrea   Launched Aloe Water Apricot , Coconut Fig Leaf and Tea Olive Lime
Calé Fragranze Italy Established by Silvio Levi a niche distributor ; launched Calé Fragranze d’Autore, a collection of eight new fragrances in 2009.
Calgon USA Launched fragrances in association with Coty Prestige in c2003: Calgon, Hawaiian Ginger Intense, He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, Morning Glory, Roses Are Red, Tropical Dream, Violets Are Blue
California Cosmetics Corp USA Santa Monica Boulevard, Hollywood; launched a fragrance
California Fragrances USA Launched Vorago in 1987 and Vorago Action in 1992
California North USA Launched Richardsons Bay, O2Xygen, California North, cN, O2Xygen Women in c1995
California Perfume Company USA Launched Trialblazer in c1895 and Trailing Arbutus in 1916
Calisher & Co., A H USA Alternative spelling A H Calisher & Co; New York; active in early 20th century
Calixte   Launched Marage in 1944 and Givré in 1945
Callaghan, Parfums USA In association with Protea Profumi of Milan; launched Lilith in 1994; now a division of Revlon
Callett, Pierre USA Launched Ponce de Leon in the early 20th century
Calli, Teo   Launched Rose Daum
Callisté et Cie   The company name was taken from the Greek Kallistos, which means ‘most beautiful’ : established by Charles de Coppet at 130 rue de France, Nice in 1918; fragrances were launched from 1926 onwards : Mon Studio, ce Sont des Fleurs, Distinction, Jeune et Jolie, Réseda, Duchesse de Brabant, Giroflée
Callot, Sœurs   Established by three sisters Marie Callot Gerber, Marthe Callot Bertrand and Regine Callot Chantrelle at 9-10 avenue Matignon, Paris in 1895, a couture house; introduced perfumes from 1923; were available till the early 1950’s
Calmac USA Of New York; launched Zodiac in 1954
Calore USA Launched Ballooning - Cool - Fire - Sport - Starlet
Calvaire   Established by Stella Aronson, a jeweller in Paris; launched Mon Soleil in 1930
Calvo, Didier   Established Uomo Parfums - launched 'Héros' in 1994
Calypso   Chain of resort-wear boutiques owned by Christiane Celle; opened her first store on St. Barthelemy island in 1992; the company now has 20 stores, including a boutique in Paris; fragrance line was introduced in 1995, brand fragrances were streamlined and repackaged in 2015 and now consist of Casablanca, Figue and Mimosa.
Calypso St Barth   Established by Liliane Jossua. Makers of Jala St Barth and cult favorite Lea St Barth, launched Calypso Homme, Jasmin, Mimorsa, Violette and Herbe d’Été, Lea St Bath
Camay   Manufacturers of soaps and beauty products; also launched a fragrance of same name
Cameo Beauty Lounge USA Toledo, Ohio; launched Sweet Smells of Christmas in 1965, No 5 date unknown, Gypsy and Sien in 2006
Ça Me Parfum   Launched Drôle de Biscuit, Mintye de Crayon and Comme de La Poire in 1999
Camin, Pierre   French designer of perfume presentations (b 1908-??)
Cameo Beauty Lounge USA Established by Danielle Igbanugo and Ashleigh Moss in Minneapolis. Launched fragrances under the 'Mi Angelic' line
Camp Beverly Hills USA California; also known as CBH; launched their eponymous fragrance in 1986, Camp Beverly Hills for Men Splash and Camp Beverly Hills for Men in 1988
Campbell, Naomi UK International model, launched own fragrance and range of bath products in 1999
Campbell, Nina   Launched Mon Jardin
Campdera, José Mexico Launched Regis in 1930
Campos de Ibiza Spain Fragrance house established in 1981. Launched Almendra, Colonia Mandarina, Jazmin, Agua de Roses and Cedro in c2000
Cam'ron   Launched Go Boy/Oh Boy in 2002
Camus, Maisón   Paris; later under Viville, launched Le Parfume des Femmes de France in c1880
Camuto , Vince USA Footwear and lifestyle brand; launched debut fragrance of same name in association with Parlux in 2011
Canali Italy Menswear firm established in 1934 by the Canali brothers; launched signature fragrance Canali Uomo (2005), Canali Black Diamond (2007), Canali Summer Night (2007), Canali Style (2008), Winter Tale Special Edition (2008)
Canadian Club Canada Launched eponymous cologne and Coronation in c1935
Canarina   An obscure Parisian perfumerie, launched Les Deux Bleus in 1928
Candies     In association with Clinique Laboratories, launched Heartbreaker in 2006
Candie's Cosmetics Inc USA In association with Liz Claiborne Cosmetics, launched fragrancef c2000
Cannon Cosmetics Co USA Atlanta; launched Cannolene in 1934 and Touch Down in 1935
Canovos, Isabel   A French fabric house; launched Isabel in 1975
Canovos, Manuel   Textiles company established by fabric designer Manuel Canovas in 1963; purchased by British firm Colefax & Fowler in the late 1990s. Currently produces bedding, swimwear, accessories, fashion and home fragrance items. Personal fragrances introduced in 2007 with Les Fantaisies Parfumees: Anse Turquoise , Ballade Verte, LÎle Bleue, Pink Riveria and Route Mandarine
Cantarelle   Launched Lavendin Essence Pure
Cantuel, Parfums Gilles   Launched Créature in 1985, Babylone, Connect in 2000, Unify Femme and Unify Homme in 2014
Cantele Italy Established by Guido Cantele in Padova, Italy in 1818; closed in 1994
Canturi   Launched Canturi Eau de Parfum in2010
Cantilène   In association with Dr.N.G.Payot launched Yolai in 1976, Men’s Classic in 1977 and Amorena in 1979
Chantereine   Launched Seigneurial in 1946, En Voyage, Joyeausement and Regret all in 1953
Cantuel, Parfums Gilles   Established by the French sculptor and perfumer
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