Doyen Parfumeur la Garenne, France; launched Launched Bakota, Bouquet des Allies, Gerbe de Mai, L’Automne , Perle du Lac in 1940's and 50's
A leading fragrance-supply company
Dragonfly Blue
Launched fragrances
Dragon Rouge
France; launched Star in 1989
Drake & Co, Francis
London; Perfumers; launched George IV Lavender Water in 1927
Dralle Germany Established by Georg Dralle (1852 to 1895) in Hamburg, Germany in 1880's; his brother Dr Eduard Dralle took over the business on Georg's death; sons Emil, Georg and Julius join business later; launched fragrances
Launched Drama Perfume
Dream Angels
Launched Dream Angels in 2000 and Dream Angels Blush in 2013
Drecoll, Parfums
A division of the Parisian couture house Drecoll established by M. and Mme. Besancon de Wagner on the purchase of a Viennese business established by Baron Christof Drecoll & H. Kolmarch (Belgian) in the late 19th century. Branch established at 130 avenue Champs-Elysees, Paris in 1902; launched fragrances in 1927. In 1929 their daughter Maggy de Wagner merged Drecoll with the Rouff and changed the name to Maggy Rouff. Marcel Guerlain bought Parfums Drecoll in 1944. Launched Fin de Rêve in 1937, La Robe in 1927 and Le Chant de Notre Amour in 1925
Drexel A C
Affliated with Meyer & Co; Baltimore; launched Bon Ton, Lady Carroll in 1907 and and Vienna Cologne in1874
Dreyer Inc, P R
Established by Peter R Dreyer in 19th Street New York in 1932; essential oils and limited commercial perfumes, launched Xmas in c1930
Drialys Perfumeria
Alternative spelling Drialis: of Havana; established by Alonso Y Arenas in c1920; related to the Miga of Zurich
Established by De Bruno Storp in Munich, Germany in 1911; supplier of essential oils; launched a fragrance in 1930, also established a perfume museum and book collection, launched Eau de Cologne Russe in 1930
Drom International
Creator of flavours and fragrances
Druggist Co-Operative Association Inc
JJersey City; launched Val Dona in 1913
Drummond, Diana
Scotland; launched plaid souvenir fragrances in 1950 - Heather Bloom, Highland Peet and Scottish Orchis
DS Designs   Launched Chapeau Bleu in 1994
Launched Kamir, Lawrence, Samantha and Sienne
DSH Perfumes
New name of Dawn Spencer Hurwitz (2014)
Dsquared2   Fashion line established in Milan in 1994 by Dean and Dan Caten, twin brothers from Canada. According to The Independent, “DSquared’s brand of tarty chic – American trailer trash with Italian tailoring – has made the label popular with everybody from high street rip-off merchants and footballer’s wives to Giorgio Armani, the antithesis of DSquared’s camp irreverence, who even attended one of their shows.” (3/10/2005). Debut fragrance in 2007
du Belvedere, Parfumerie
Paris, France. Launched Fleur de Jeunesse in c1900
du Bois
Launched Christmas Chimes in a Cristalleries de Nancy bottle in c1920
du Brissa
Paris and Chicago; launched Trimm'e
du Capitole, Parfumerie
Fragrances presented in Bimal bottles , launched À Paris
du Centre, Parfumerie
55 rue St. Antoine, Paris, launched Eau de Cologne aux Fleurs
du Chateau
Launched Castel and Narcisse
du Chic, Parfumerie
Paris, France Launched Caprice de Reine
du Destin, Parfums
Established by Farel Destin in Madison Ave, New York in 1934
du Globe, Parfumerie
Original name of Lemoine et Cie
du Laar, M.
43 boulevard Clichy, Paris; launched Je N'Aime Que Vous in 1933
du La Val Creux , Parfumerie   Launched Le Val Creux in 1928
dulido, Les Parfums   Established at 78 avenue Champs-Elysées, Paris in 1927; affiliated to The Lido Night Club.
du Lion, Parfumerie   Launched Witz & Colas in 1911
du Louvre, Magasin   Launched Magasin in c1930
du Lys d’Or , Les Parfums   Established by Maxime d’Hotman de Villiers in Paris in 1921, produced perfume sets for export, launched Lys d'Or in 1924
du Lysogene, La Compagnie Franšaise
A Parisian perfumery and toiletry particularly active in the early 1900’s, launched Rediviva in c1908
du Marais, Les Bains   Launched Fleurs d'Oranger , Jasmine, Musc de Blanc and Rose Confiture in c2004
du Marbore, Distillerie Parfumerie
France, launched Lavande de Pyrenées
du Monde, Chantal
Launched Sun Rise and Silver Shadow in 1984
du Monde Elegant, Parfumerie   Launched Rose Ines in 1910
du Mont, Michel   Launched Caress, Chypre, Daring, du Mont,First Love, Œillet , Whisper in c1975
du Noël, Lotus   5 rue du Lycée, Nice, France; launched a range of fragrances in the 1930's
du Palais-Royal , Salons   Launched Encens et Lavande in 1996
du Parc
Launched Carnation
du Pont, Jean-Pierre
Launched Skyrocket
du Pre, Raymond R
Waterloo, Iowa; launched Adrienne and Clotaire in 1927
du Prée
Launched Black Tulip in c1935
du Progress, Parfumerie   Launched Parme Violet in c1900
du Riou, Jean
Launched No 2 and No 12
du Roy Parfums, Albin
Launched Liagora in 1995, Artica in 1997 and Gold Card Man in 2001, Kantara, Kantara for Men
Du Tour
Launched Satyre and Volage in 1955
Launched Lilac in 1926, Black Tulip in c1930
Duban, Danielle
Launched a fragrance
New York; launched Shalimar, La Fleur, La Jeune Femme Aux Roses, Seven Winds, Deauville, Deauville pour Homme, Dejanira, Comtesse in 1972; also DuBarry Distribution Co and Hudnut Sales Corp, one of the same companies
Dubarry et Cie
Alternatively Dubarry Parfumerie; of 81 Brompton Road, London; established in 1917 with a French name and style as the perfume division of The Standard Tablet & Pill Company Ltd, Goldstone Chemical Works, Hove, UK; over 70 luxury perfumes presented between 1916-19, subsequently more commercial presentations until closure in the 1960’s.
Dube Co
Chicago; launched Chypre, Michigan Ave, Gardenia, Perfume Time lilac, Sweet Mystery, Lonely, Blue Book in the 1930's and 40's
Dubras, Charles
Jersey; launched Channel Island Breezes and Royal eau de Cologne in c1930
Dubuis & Rowsell
Croydon, Surrey; launched Duroma in 1932
Duc, Georges
Lyon, France; launched Le Lac Bleu, Les Genets, Les Monites d'Or and Les Myosotys
Ducale, L A
Established by Giulio Fornari at Piazzale Staziano 8, Parma in 1917; became the luxury name of Borsari 1870. In 1975 Borsari and Ducale merged with Florbath of Parma. Launched Jasmin de Bois, Oriente, Poema Ducale, Poéme, Primo Incontro, Roma, Sogna Ducale, Tabaco d'Egizia, Vera Violetta di Parma, Violetta di Parma from c1924
Ducarel Perfumery Co
New York; launched a fragrance in 1927
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