Established by Madame Alix Barton Grès (born in 1910) Parisian sculpture and painter; known as Alix at that time; closed during World War 11, re-opened in Paris in 1945. Signature fragrance launched in 1958. Sold to the British American Tobacco in 1981
Parfum Déesse Parfums Grès
À Parfums Grès
Created in-house
Cabochard Parfums Grès
The name can be translated as ‘wilful’, ‘pig-headed’ and also ‘independent’ Created by Bernard Chant of IFF; a feminine leather chypre parfum with top notes of clary sage, tarragon and galbanum with heart notes of jasmine, ginger lily, rose and ylang-ylang; base notes of oak moss, sandalwood, vetiver and patchouli, and classified D7f. Presented in a square flacon with opaque ribbon stopper was made by Verrières Brosse. Also available with a green bow, flacon by Cristalleries de Baccarat.
Cabochard Parfums Grès
As above but as an edp
Cabochard Parfums Grès
As above but as an edt
Chouda Parfums Grès
Grès pour Homme Parfums Grès
A green-lavender chypre edt, classified D5m
Quiproquo Parfums Grès
Eau de Cologne Grès Parfums Grès
Eau de Grès Parfums Grès
Alix Grès Parfums Grès
In association with Escada Beauté; a floral-green edt classified B4f.
Grès Monsieur Parfums Grès
A green-spicy chypre edt
Grès Monsieur Sport Parfums Grès
A fougere edt.
Cabotine (de Grès) Parfums Grès
Marketed at the daughters of women who loved 'Cabochard'. It used living-flower technology to capture the elusive scent of Himalayan ginger lily; a crisp floral-green edp with top notes of Calabrian mandarin and orange blossom with heart notes of ylang-ylang, ginger lily, tuberose, white hyacinth and iris on base notes of sandalwood, Tibetan musk and cassis, classified B4f. Presented in a frosted square bottle with a green floral stopper and two similar ones forming a bow by Thierry Lecoule. The advertising slogan was ‘un parfum presque innocent’, meaning it is almost innocent, a bit of a flirt! The Academia del Profumo honoured it with the International Award for the Best Female Fragrance in 1992
Cabotine (de Grès) Parfums Grès
As above but as an edt
Homme de Grès Parfums Grès
A rich dry chypre edt with notes of bergamot, peach, neroli, jasmine, amber, sandalwood and musk
Pastel de Cabotine Parfums Grès
A fresh fruity-floral edt with top notes of clementine, orange blossom and pond lily, heart notes of hyacinth, water lily, ginger lily and ylang-ylang on base notes of sandalwood, musk and iris. Presented in a light green frosted bottle with a stylised brunch of flowers as a stopper reminiscent of the Cabotine stopper designed by Thierry Lecoule.
Folie Douce Parfums Grès
Created by Sophie Labbe, a crisp fruity-floral edt with top notes of citrus, black current and mimosa, heart notes of heliotrope, iris, ylang-ylang, bay and lemon leaf on base notes of vanilla, cedar, musk and sandalwood; Presented in a bottle designed by Serge Mansau
Grain de Folie Parfums Grès
April; a fresh floral fragrance with top green note, exotic fruits, mimosa and citrus oil for heart notes on base notes of musk and moss. Presented in a bottle designed by Serge Mansau
Air de …. Cabochard Parfums Grès
A soft floral fragrance based on the original 'Carbochard'
Cabochard Parfums Grès
Re-orchestrated with notes of bergamot, mandarin, galbanum, ylang-ylang, jasmine, Bulgarian rose, clove, oakmoss, tobacco, musk, iris, sandalwood, vetiver, leather, castoreum, patchouli and labdanum.
Un Aie de Cabochard Parfums Grès
A chypre fragrance
Câline Parfums Grès
Cabaret Parfums Grès
A woody floral edp with notes of pink bay, blue orris, lily of the valley, incense, patchouli, peony, amber, sandalwood and musk
Cabaret homme Parfums Grès
Cabotine Edition Fleur Parfums Grès
In association with Escada Beauté
Florie Douce Parfums Grès
A 'youth' fragrance
Cabotine Bleu Parfums Grès
An edt
Cabotine Rose Parfums Grès
A floral fragrance
Grès pour Homme Bio Parfums Grès
An after shave