Maack, Andrea Artist - fragrances launched in collaboration with French perfumery APF from 2010
Mabrouka Morocco; developed an oriental fragrance - Mabrouka in 1967
MAC Cosmetics
(Make-Up Art Cosmetics Inc.) Youthful cosmetic company; part of the Estée Lauder group
Mac Clintock
See under alternative spelling 'McClintoch'
Mac Gregor
New York, launched a fragrance; a subsidiary of Lander
McGraw, Tim
Country and western singer - launched 'McGraw by Tim McGraw' in 2008
MacGregor, Agnes
N. Clark St., Chicago; launched signature fragrance
Machado, Sage
Los Angeles-based jeweler, grew up in Hawaii, launched her first boutique in 1998 ; fragrances named after gemstones
Mackie, Bob
Originally from Canada; Hollywood fashion designer, launched a range of fragrances in 1990's
Macy & Co., R.H. (Macy's)
Fifth Avenue, New York; famous department store, launched a range of fragrances
Macul Rosu
Red Poppy - Красный мак . The first Romanian fragrance factory, owned by the state and built in Bucarest in c1950 on the site of several preWWII private cosmetic laboratories
Maczuski, A
Launched Mon Bouquet
Madame Agnes   Launched Hallelujah d’Amour in 1925 and Alleluia d’Amour in 1927 and Agnes MacGregor
Madame Carvaglios   Launched Mon Parfum in 1913
Madame C.J. Walker Mfg. Co.   Indianapolis. First black American woman millionaire; launched fragrances in the 1920's
Madame de Mogador   Launched Madame de Mogador and Monsieur de Mogador
Madame Helene Toilet Co
Chicago; launched Garden de Marie, Lotus Blossom, Safrinar Fleurs and Violet le France in c1920
Madame Isabell's Toilet Mfg Co
Chicago; launched fragrances in c1920
Madame Laurie Cosmetics Inc
16th St Denver, Co; launched Madame Laurie in c1920
Madame Rachel
Established in London in c1868, a cosmetic and toiletry shop; gave her name to a shade of face powder 'Rachel'
Madame Tewi   Launched Oh La La! In 1944
Manufacturer; launched a fragrance, date unknown
Made for Men
Launched M4M in 1999
Madelon   Launched Eau de Cologne
Madhva, Parfums
Established by Daniel Jacquet in 1923 in Paris; also traded under the 'India Divinity Perfume' label
Madini Perfume Essences Morocco Tangiers; Suleiman Madini is the current heir of a perfume dynasty 14 generations old. Throughout the past 400 years his family has created the highest quality of all natural, alcohol free perfume essences. Many of the compositions date back centuries and are still prepared today in the same tradition of Islamic perfumery.
Madison, Dolly
Launched Flower Garden and White Rose in 1937
Maes, Hubert   Indie perfumer based in the north of France, in Lille. Created a collection of three perfumes, each telling a story of a different woman, called Histoire d'Un Rêve in 2007
Grasse; essential oils but also launched a fragrance
Mad Moments
Launched eponymous fragrance
Singer, actress and director, launched debut fragrance 'Truth or Dare' in association with Coty in March 2012
Madonna, Luis Anna
Launched a fragrance
Madrid Chemical Co
Launched L'Homme, Zhero and Zhero pour homme
Launched Muguet
Maes Créations, Hubert   Indie perfumer based in the north of France, in Lille. Created a collection of three perfumes, each telling a story of a different woman, called Histoire d'Un Rêve in 2007 - Histoire Charnelle - Histoire d'un Rêve and Histoire Délicieuse
Magdeleine, Marie
France; another name for E.J. Fay . Launched Tabac Doux in 1934, Moi and Toi in 1940
Magdalene, Mary   Patron Saint of Perfumers; from the anointing of Christ's feet with perfume
Preston; launched Film Star Carnation and Mardonia in c1910
Maggi, Luciano
Launched LM Luciano Maggi Donna in 1994
Maggi, P
Paris and Nice; launched Jolie Nuit, Le Secret du Sphinx in 1927 and Rien Que Toi in 1930
Mag-Helly Couturier
Paris; launched a fragrance in 1922
Magic Beat
In association with Max Factor and Michael Jackson, launched Heartbeat, Unwind and Wildfire
Magic Helvetia
Launched fragrances in 1994
Magnin & Co, I
Los Angeles and Paris; launched C’est Toi, Magnin, Magninque II and un Peau de Paris in c1945
Mahaaga, Maharajah
Launched various 'odeurs' in c1920
Mahaska Co
52nd Street, Portland, Origan; launched eponymous fragrance
Mahila Fragrances
Most likely American
Mahler, Simone
Bordeaux, France; launched Ego-Aicia and 26-Apr in 1953
Mahora, Federico   FM Group - fragrances made by Drom International
Maihati   Launched Audacious and Perhaps in c1944
Main Street Trading
New York; launched Embrace in 1944
Established by Main Bocher at 12 ave Georges V, Paris in 1930 ; launched fragrances in 1930's and 1940's
Mainz, Astor
Launched Adventure
Maioline Toilet Co
New Oxford Street, London; launched Arum Lily
Maisón Maxime
North Sheridan, Chicago; subsidiary of Maxime Drug Co
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