& Other Stories Sweden Launched Arabesque Wood and Tangier Tales in 2014, Bonbon Tree and Fleur de Mimosa in 2015, Havana Blues in 2016
a   Launched Abracadabra
A Beautiful Life
IIndependent label established in 2002 - PA boutique launched Smitten and Smitten Pink in 2009
A Daoud el Gaby   Launched fragrances
A Dozen Roses USA Niche line launched Gold Rush, Iced White and Shakespeare In Love in July 2011, Amber Queen and Electron in 2012
A Lab on Fire USA New York. Established in 2011 by Carlos Kusubayashi. Associated with the S-Perfume label, launched their debut scent, L’Anonyme ou OP-1475-A in April 2011
à la Guirlande Fleurie   Early name of André Picard
à la Pensée, Henri   5 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, Paris; art studio, compacts, dolls etc: launched fragrances in 1902 - associated with Femina, launched eponymous fragrance
À le Facon
A Perfume Organic USA An indie line debuting in 2010 with five natural, certified-organic fragrances, Green, Mejica, Perfumed Wine Rosé, Urban Organic and White Magik
A Shaded View on Fashion   Established by Blogger Diane Pernet launched Love Affair in 2016
A Wing and A Prayer Perfumes   Launched fragrances
A Zaftig Woman   Launched fragrances
A.P.C.   French fashion brand - launched Sustain in 2009
A’ Lure Toilet Co USA St Louis; launched A’ Lure in 1930
Aaron Beauty Supply   Launched Nora Adams in 1935 and Zete in 1937
Aarsleff & Co   Of Copenhagen, Denmark; manufacturer of toiletry requisite from c1930 to 1950. Launched Esprit du Roi in 1948
Abancé   Launched Camargue Rider and Frimousse d'Or V
Abaton Bros   Launched Tailleur
Abbas Rabia Egypt Khan el Khalili Bazaar, Cairo; manufacturer of perfumes, etc c1920 to 1940
Abbey of Caldey UK Monks of . Wales; launched Island Madrigal
Abbey Perfumerie Co Ltd UK Agents for Lubin Parfumeur
Abbott   Launched Dayalets
Abboud, Joseph Italy Launched eponymous fragrance in 1993 in association with Euroitalia, re-launched in 2015
AbdesSalaam Attar Profumo Italy Launched fragrances
Abdou, Mohamed   Launched Abaad and Abaad for Men
Abe, Jin   Japanese fashion designer, a long-time resident of Paris; launched eponymous signature fragrance in 1998, Abe de Jin Abe for Men and Abe de Jin Abe for Women in 2003
Abercrombie & Fitch   Launched fragrances
Abietsan of London UK A fragrance and cosmetics house, launched English Lavender, Flaroma Orange Blossom and White Heather in c1935
Abinoam   A niche perfume house established in 2006 with four fragrances: Corazon, Beleza, Desejo and Cobice. A fifth fragrance, Inveja, followed.
Abraham & Strauss Inc USA Brooklyn, New York; launched Mirabelle in 1938
Abrihim, Slb   Launched Parfum de l'Affection in 1878
Absentia Aromatics   Launched 'Violia' in 2009
Absolument   Niche perfume house established by the producers Liquoristerie de Provence, and also known as Le Parfum d'Interdits. Debut fragrance was Absolument Absinthe (2006). Aqua di Aix and La Treizième Note in 2014
Academié Amor Skin   Launched Paris in c1920
Academié Scientifique de Beauté   Established by the LaMotte family at 376-rue saint-Honoré, Paris in the mid 1800's, a beauty salon; produced perfumes, toiletries and cosmetics - launched Plusieurs Fleurs in 1953
Acampora, Bruno Italy Italian niche line - launched Musc in 1975, Prima T and Sballo in 1977 , Seplasia in 1980, Bianco and Nero in 2012, Bruno by Bruno Acampora in 2014, Azzurro di Capri in 2016
Acca Kappa Italy Established in 1869 by Hermann Krull; managed today (2006) by his grand-daughter, Elisa Gera; best known for their brushes and other grooming products. In 1999 opened their first US store in the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas.
Accessorize UK A subsidiary of Monsoon; fashion accessories; launched A Scent in 1999 and Accessorize in 2009
Aceite   Launched Lotus
Acker, Christine S USA St Barbara, California; launched Naranjada in 1928
Acorelle   A line of Ecocert certified-organic perfumes from French beauty house Laurence Dumont. The line debuted in Europe in 2008 , Vanille Ambrée in 2009 and R de Rose in 2010
Acqua di Biella Italy A perfumery established in 1871 at Biella; launched Acqua di Bella: niche fragrances launched from c2005 using "old recipes created in convents that date to the 1871" - Acqua di Biella No. 1 , Acqua di Biella Bursch, Acqua di Biella Janca, Ca'Luna, Cashemere Twill, Kid Mohair
Acqua di Genova Italy Established by Stefano Frecceri in 1853. Association with Intercosma West. Launched Silver
Acqua di Parma Italy Perfumery and toiletry company; launched signature fragrance ' Acqua di Parme Colonia' in 1916; also known for their extensive range of bath, body and home fragrance products. Now owned by LVMH (2005)
Acqua di Portofino Italy Established by Francesca Casiraghi in the early 2000s with their eponymous unisex fragrance, Acqua di Portofino, followed by Acqua di Portofino Donna and Borgo in 2013. Website: Acqua di Portofino
Acqua di Stresa   Launched Acqua di Stresa in 2002, Acqua di Stresa Fresh Touch in 2005, Fiori di Stresa in 2009 and Profumo di Stresa
Acra , Reem   Designer. Debuted her  eponymous fragrance in October 2012 under licensing arrangements with TPR Holdings.
Acropolis   Launched eponymous fragrance
Actien-Gesselschafter fur Anitin-Fabrikaton Germany Berlin; launched Narcela and Orolene in c1930
Acton USA Lancaster, Pa; Launched eponymous fragrance in 1898
Acys   France; launched Noko
Adair Productions   Launched Palmyra Heather Perfume
Adam Italy Established in Parma in 1935; perfume and toiletry producer; also produced for Schuberth; ceased production in 1985
Adams Laboratories USA Waterloo, Iowa; launched Lady Vee-Ja in 1930
Adam's Perfumes Inc USA New York, launched Fleurs Flotante in 1950
Adams, Anna   USA State Street, Chicago; launched beauty produces from c1910 to 1930 , launched First Lady, Green Valley and Prairie Violet
Adams, Cindy USA Model, launched Gossip in 1997
Addis WI Inc Co USA Syracuse, New York; launched No 10 and No 12 in 1930
Adelaïde   France; launched Jasmin
Adem   Launched a fragrance
Adidas Ger   One of the largests sports brands in the world. The Adidas fragrances are produced under licensing arrangements with Coty.
Adolfo Fragrances Inc USA Fragrance and toiletry company; launched signature fragrances in 1978
Adonis   Launched Adonis Classic and Adonis Sport in 2004
Adrian USA Established by Gilbert Adrian in 1941 (born Adrian Adolph Greenburg in 1903, died 1959); a fashion house in Beverly Hills, California. Laucnhed Sinner and Saint in 1944
Adrian Design   Launched eponymous fragrance
Aeffe Italy Fashion and luxury-goods group co-founded by Alberta and Massimo Ferretti; signed an exclusive, long-term licensing agreement with US beauty company Elizabeth Arden; and Alberta Ferretti branded fragrance in spring 2009
Aerie USA Part of American Eagle. Launched Abigail and Emma, and Hidden Love in 2013
Aelia EU A chain of airport duty-free stores collaborated with Maison Guerlain and launched Lights of Champs-Elysées in 2006
Aerin USA The lifestyle brand of Aerin Lauder. Debut fragrances in November 2013 = Amber Musk, Gardenia Rattan , Lilac Path and Evening Rose. Waterlily Sun and Iris Meadow in 2014, Mediterranean Honeysuckle and Rose de Grasse in 2015, Tangier Vanille in 2016
Aesop Australia A botanical skincare company established by Dennis Paphitis in 1987, launched debut fragrance of same name in 2005
AFDM   Launched fragrances
Affiliated Products USA Cornelison Avenue, Jersey City; manufacturers of fragrances and toiletry products
Affliction USA A clothing brand launched their debut fragrance for men, Affliction Cologne in late 2010
Aficionado Fragrances   Launched eponymous fragrance in 1977
Afra USA New York; launched Secret Love in 1938
African Pride   Launched eponymous fragrance in 1999
Aftelier Perfumes USA Established by Mandy Aftel; Californian based perfumer; one of the early adherents of artisanal natural perfumery and the original founder of the Artisan Natural Perfumers Guild;
After Six USA Launched eponymous fragrance in 1998
Agallocha   Paris-based fragrance consulting firm established by Benoit Blanchard. The firm launched their first fragrances (Tedallal Man, Tedallal Woman, Muthhela Man, Muthhela Woman) in the 2000s under the line Arabia
Agatha   Established by fashion designer Agatha Brown, based in Aruba; launched Agatha Thé À La Mure in 1998, Citrine in c2005, Hearts & Flowers in c2007, Agatha Street, Rue Agatha and Via Agatha in 2014
Agatha Paris   France; mainly costume jewellery, launched fragrances
Agent Provocateur UK London; saucy luxury lingerie company established in 1994 by Joseph Corré - son of fashion doyenne Vivien Westwood and his wife Serena Rees; launched signature fragrance in 2000. In 2007 European private equity group 3i bought a majority stake after the couple divorced
Agnel, Alexandre Cesar Napoleon   (1830-1909?) of 16 avenue l’Opera, Paris; manufacturer of fine fragrances, originally established in Becon in 1853, business closed in 1958
Agnel, G UK Son of Alexandre C N Agnel; established own company, Golden Perfume Co in New York, launched Femina, Violette Impériale Russe, Dolly and en Foret
Agnès b   Launched fragrances
Agnelle   Glovemaker. In partnership with Maison Guerlain offered two styles of scented gloves made in cooperation with Maison Guerlain perfumerThierry Wasser, in 2014, Gant du Parfumeur and Le Gant La Petite Robe Noire
Agnès, Madame   ue Chaussée d’Antin, Paris; milliner and fashions; launched fragrances in the 1920’s
Agnona   Launched Agnona, Agnona Extrait and Agnona Uomo n c2000
Agonist Parfums Sweden A niche brand specializing in “unique fragrances embraced by handcrafted Swedish glass”,
Agra   Manufacturer of fragrances in association with Nyla; launched Carnation and Crab Apple Blossom in 1920, Ci-Mi in 1923 and Blue Dusk in 1939, also fragrances for Stearns
Agraria USA

San Francisco-based company that specializes in home fragrance products, including potpourri. Launched in Eau de Cologne: Bitter Orange, Balsam, Lemon Verbena and Lavender in c2000.

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