Fa   Launched 'Eau de Cologne'
Fa Men   Launched Fa Men Amazonic and Fa Men Oceanic in c2005
Fabergé, Parfums   Established by F Eugene and Alexander Fabergé in Paris in1922; toiletries and allied products; opened Fabergé Inc in New York in 1936 in association with Samuel Rubin; acquired by Elida Gibbs (Cheeseborough-Ponds) and latter taken over by Unilever
Launched You Nova Dream in 2012
Fabiani, Parfums   Milan and Paris; Launched Ambrée, Atmosphere, Elle, Fasto. Lavande, Pascale in c1988
Havana; launched Flor de Cana in 1958
Fabr. Negli Sta GVM
The registered name of GI VI Emme; ceased trading in 1970
Fabricant, Maurice
Sub-titled 'Famous Fragrances'; of New York; Launched Chance, Magic Arrow, MagicnCharme, Magic Mystery, Magic Serenade, Matador, Trickery, Willing in c1950's
Fabricas Officiales de Santander
Santander, Chile; launched Flores de Argel
Fabrizio Fiorenzano
Launched Perfume of Women
Fabulous Fragrances
Launched fragrances
Facon-Marrec, J   French graphic artist for Dana Parfums, c1946
Façonnable, Parfums   Nice-based fashion line established in 1961, fragrances were introduced in 1994 in association with Jacques Bogart Group; Acquired by Nordstrom.
Factor, Max
A theatre wig-master and make-up artist in Tsarist Russia; immigrated to USA, settled in California, formed Max Factor & Co on the 2nd January 1909, moved to South Hill, LA in 1936 and to Hollywood in 1959.
Purchased by Norman Simon Inc in 1972, acquired Mary Quant fashion house in 1980 and became part of Playtex Group in 1983, merged with Revlon Group in 1987 and was bought by Proctor & Gamble in 1991
Fad Beauty Products
New York; launched Chiquita in 1947
Fael, Marc   France; launched Cœur Volant and My Jerrycan in 1940
Faiers , Samantha
Television personality launched her debut fragrance La Bella in June 2014
Fairfax Chemical Co
Poinsettia Place, Hollywood; launched Anne Fairfax
New York; launched Carnation, Lilac, Orange Blossom, Oriental Bouquet, Rose, Violet in mid 1930's
Launched fragrancesLaunched F and Falcon for Men
Associated with Verlayne
Falerne   Launched eponymous fragrance
Falkingburg, Jinx
Famous American model of 1930's and 40's
Falkingham, Percival E
Fifth Ave, New York; fragrance manufacturers; launched Ambre B in 1930
Fallis Inc
Cincinnati, Ohio; launched Wendy in 1925, Dance Perfume and Peter Pan in 1926
Launched Czardas, Outrage, 555 and Tzigane
Familex Products   Established by Romeo Parent in Montreal and in Chicago; launched Jacquello in 1938
Famous Players Laboratories
Des Monies, Iowa; launched Famous Players and June Day
Famous Products
Launched novelty fragrance in association with King Novelty Co and Valmor
Fanape   Launched Agua de Cheiro
Fancette, Parfumerie   Launched Roulette Perfume in c1910
Fancy   Launched eponymous fragrance
Fann, Franck   Launched Geisha
Fantane, Elina   Launched eponymous fragrance and Muguet
Fantex Products Co
New York; launched Empress Ludmila and Princess Antoinette in 1925 and Ahmet in1930
Fantin, Francine   Paris; launched Eau du Moulin in 1960 and Eau de Francine Fantin in 1971
Far East Perfume Mfg. Co   Launched Evening in Hong Kong Perfume
Fargeon, Jean-Louis   Queen Marie-Antoinette personnel parfumeur and cosmetician, launched Sillage de la Reine in 1790 and an Eau de Cologne in c1800
Farhi, Nicole
French-born designer - fashion house; launched Bleu Azur for women, Bleu Intense for men, Nicole, Nicole Farhi, Nicole Farhi Eau de Parfum , Nicole Farhi Eau de Parfum spray from 2004
Launched Malice in 1940
Farina Gegenüber
Established by Jean-Marie Farina (1685-1766) in 1709 at Gegenüber den Julichs Platz, Cologne, Germany, and is today the world's oldest fragrance company; Farina named his fragrance Eau de Cologne in honour of his hometown Cologne. Also launched. In doing so he defined the term Eau de Cologne as a synonym for toilet. Launched Echt Kolnisch Wasser Doppelt, Eau de Cologne Original (c1790), Kölnisch Juchten c(1720), Kölnisch Wasser (1917), Russich Leder (1967). Today (2012) the 8th generation of the Farina family still makes the original (of course reformulated) Eau de Cologne. The emblem of the company is a stylized red tulip ("Rote Marke")
After a persistent decline in the 20th century the house was sold to Roger & Gallet in 1975. Roger & Gallet itself had been founded by a member of the Farina family. The company was bought back by Johann Maria Farina and his brother in the 1990s and re-established as a niche house.
Note there are many pseudo-Farinas - the company has fought over 2000 court cases to protect its name. (information kindly supplied by Farina Gegenüber)
Farina, Jean-Marie
Cologne; of Italian extract, fragrances; in 1806 re-located to Paris; name changed to Farina Gegenuber. Launched Kölnisch Wasser (c1714), 4711 (c1795), Gegenuber den Julichs Platz (1930), Farina Etch Kölnisch Wasser (1940)
Farina, Johanna Maria   Alternative spelling of Jean-Marie Farina; Launched Eau de Cologne Royale (c1806), Etch Kölnisch Wasser (c1910), Red Cross Cologne (1927), Royal Cicle Eau de Cologne, Veilchen
Farina, Pier   Launched Calycantus in 1940
Farlabo SA
Launched fragrances in association with Jesus del Pozo
Farley , Jenni
Launched Jwoww in 2011
Farm Tomita   Launched Eau de Toilette, Farm T, Furno, Harmonie de Hamanasu, Lavender, Petit Cologne, Sakiwaki in c2000
Farn Ltd, Gary
Launched Farnad 105 (1977), Onna (1979), Bermuda Gentleman and Bermuda Cup in 1982
Farmacia del Cinghiale
Launched fragrances
Farouche, Lily   Launched Absolut and Blue Velvet in c2005
Faruk, Ahmed
Established by A Faruk (1868 to 1942) in Constantinople in c1890; Launched Faruki Kolonyasi, Odikolon, Odolis, Unutmabeni, Zambuk Suyu , Cici, Lavande, Lavanta, Meltem, Musc, Sebnew in c1890
Most likely of Rome; launched eponymous fragrance
Fashion & Designer Fragrances Group
Manufacturers of fragrances; now part of Revlon
Fashion Flair Cosmetics
Launched Eunece, Zahra, Fashion Flair No 1 and Mr J from c1972
Fashion Fragrance & Cosmetics
Launched Galanos in 1995
Fashion Perfume Co
Chicago; launched Vampire in 1930
Fashion Two Twenty
Launched U Perfume in 1972, Nearer and Zing in 1973, Blend No 1, No 10 and Perfume Number XI in c1981,
Baltimore; launched Alcofleur and Natural Lily of the Valley in 1945
Fassatoui, Hamida
Tunis; launched Parfum de Naveul in 1930
Fassett & Johnson Ltd   Launched Playboy in 1992
Fath, Parfums Jacques   Jacques Fath (1912-1954) established fashion house in 1937 at 39 avenue Pierre I de Serbie, Paris. Closed three years after his death from leukaemia; fragrances still survivedThe house and its products were relaunched by the France Luxury Group in 1992, and then purchased in 1996 by the Banque Saga Group. In 1997 the company was purchased by Groupe Emmanuelle Khanh. The firm became part of the Alliance Designers Group in 2002 and the company was sold again in 2006 to L’Oréal. In 2015 the house of Panouge collaborated with Cecile Zarokian on the renewal of the Jacques Fath brand. Re-launched Green Water, Vers le Sud, Curaçao Bay and Bel Ambre
Fatha   Launched Evé
Most likely of Rome; launched un Profumo
Faubourg-St Honoré   Paris; launched L'Envol (possibly Hermès Parfums fragrance)
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