D & D Launched Puritan Cologne, Segretti di Debby, Deborissima1 in c1980, Grand Prix and Grand Prix Extreme in c1990
D C Design Launched Chapeau Bleu in 1994
D:fi Launched D:scent in 2001
d’Albret; Parfums Jean An invented name; established by Guillaume, Michel and Hubert d'Ornano at 53 avenue George V, Paris in 1946; also launched a 'line' under the name 'Orlane', mostly powders - creased trading in c1962
d’Albret; Parfums Jean Company re-activated in c1995 - launched Messire pour Homme in 1996
Dabrook Established by Williams, Davis Brooks in Detroit, Michigan; launched Dabrooks, Lace and White Rosen c1895; later a subsidiary of Michigan Drug Co
Daché, Lilly (1893 to 1990) French-born, US-based milliner at 76 East 56th Street New York; married the perfumer Jean Desprez in 1931 and launched 'Drifting' in 1941
Describe themselves as "...an artwork, an artist, a production company, a place for discussion and a curatorial agency", launched Choix in 2007
Daddad, Ameen F Launched Forget-Me-Not, Midat Pasha, Napoleon's Cologne, Sultan's Bouquet, Sultan's Favorite and Young Turkey in c1900
Daddy Yankee
Launched eponymous fragrance in 2008, DY for Men in 2008 and Dyamante in 2010
Dadier, Alexis Launched Black Humour in 2003
Dagas Launched Danseuse Étoile and Éstrampe in 1949
Daggett & Ramsdell
Established in Madison Ave, New York in 1890: launched fragrances
d’Agnes , Les Parfums   A perfumery formed by Marcel Guerlain in c1935
d'Agosto, Luna
Launched a fragrance
d'Agulia, Les Parfums
France; launched fragrances
New York; launched Narcisse
d'Aigle, Jean
Launched Abbbaye
A very skilled French glass artist active in the 1920’s and 1930’s, launched eponymous fragrance in c1925
d'Aigle, Jean   Launched Abbbaye
Dailycosme (Pola)
Launched Natural Water Citrus Shabon, Natural Water Floral Shabon and Natural Water Frais Shabon
Dainty Dabs Inc
A division of Leonard Music Co of New York; launched Cocktail Dabs, Dainty Dabs, Gardenia, Royal Dabs, Teller of Tales, To the Womand I Love,The Woman I Love in c1930
Dailycosme (Pola)
Launched fragrances
Dainty Dabs Inc
A division of Leonard Music Co of New York; launched fragrances in c1930
Piccadilly, London - department store renowned for its clothing, launched eponymous fragrance in 2001
d'Al, Parfums
Parisian perfumerie, launched Carnation, Crab Apple, Narcisse and Sweet Pea in c1926
Paris; launched Mi Vida in c1920
d'Albert Parfum, Jean
Parisian perfumerie, launched Carnation, Crab Apple, Narcisse and Sweet Pea in c1926
Dalcrose   Predecessor of Dubarry Parfumerie
Dale, Hélène   Paris; launched Chant des Îles in 1940
Dali, Parfums Salvador
Born on 11th May 1904 in Figueiros, Catalonia, Spain; entered San Fernando Academy of Fine Arts in 1922; staged first one-man show in Barcelona in 1925. Left Spain for Paris in 1936 on the outbreak of civil war; left Paris for USA when Nazis invade in 1940; returns in 1948; died in Barcelona on 25th January 1989
Dallas Cowboys  
Dallas Texas; American football super team; Lunched Dallas Cowboys Sport Scent
d'Allys, Parfumerie
Established by Jules Giraux in Rouen, France in c1916; launched À Paris, Gix, Secret Authentique d'Allys in c1930's
d'Alys, Parfums   Launched Chinois and Elysées in c1920
Dalloyau   Launched Pétale de Cerise in 2009
Dalini   Launched eponymous fragrance in c2005
Established by George Begley Jnr of Chicago; launched fragrances from end of the 1940's
Established in Paris in 1924, of short duration; launched Blue Dusk and Charme Caressant in 1924. also refer to Pleville
Daltroff, Ernest
Perfumer and founder of Parfums Caron;e.g. created Narcisse Noir, Tabac Blond and Bellodgia
d'Amboise Parfums
Established by Oliver d'Amboise, G Brunet and F Friry at 13 Place de la Nation, Paris; launched fragrances in the late 1920's and early '30's, including Mimosa in 1925
Launched 'Narcé'
d'Ameor, Parfums Romea   Launched Les Amours du Taj-Mahal, Les Espionnes du Tsar, Les Grandes Amours du Taj-Mahal, Les Grandes Prêtresses Incas, Les Impératrices Japonaises, Les Maîtresses de Louis XIV, Les Princesses de Venise, Les Souveraines d'Egypte in 2009
Damier, Corinne
Paris; launched Damao and Rhythm Vert
Established by Fils d. Russo, most likely in Paris, launched Rêve in c1920
Dana, The House of   Another name for Dana Parfums
Dana Parfums
Established by Javier Serra (formerly a director of Myrurgia) at 9 rue de la Paix, Paris in 1932; originally in Barcelona, Spain before moving to Paris; named after the Greek mythological beauty Danae. The company’s logo is the head of a beautiful woman, styled from the model Mariano Andreu. Dana’s prestige offerings were reconfigured for the mass market over the years; the company was acquired, along with Houbigant, by Renaissance Cosmetics in 1994. Renaissance filed for Chapter 11 in 1999; its brands were acquired by New Dana Perfumes, later renamed Dana Classic Fragrances
Dana Classic Fragrances
The renamed Dana Parfums as from 1999
Danae, Profumeria
Launched fragrances in the early 1900's
Dancia Aromatics
California-based perfume house established in 1993 by Danica Siegal Hyman
Dancia, Maria   Launched Wild Oats in 1946
d'André, Duchess
Launched Eventide, Precious Moments, All for Me, Naughty in c1940
Danfre, Gérard
Launched Onirique and Sélection
Daniel, Jesse   Launched JD in 1986
Daniella   Launched 4D in 2014
Launched A'Rosa
Daniels & Fisheries Stores
Denver, Colorado; launched Eau de Cologne Rambler Rose
Danila , Parfums Nicolas   Paris based - fragrances are 100% without Allergens . Debuted with seven fragrances in the collection Aladin’s Gardens / Les Jardins d’Aladin in 2009: being Les Jardins Amazoniens, Les Jardins Amérindiens, Les Jardins Arabes , Les Jardins Asiatiques , Les Jardins Européens , Les Jardins Polynésiens
Launched Preference and Ruban Bleu
d'Anjou   Launched Rêve d’Amour in 1920 and Le Gui de Noël in 1937
Danny Soe Reserve   Eatablsihed by Danny Soe in 2013
Danse des Abeilles
Launched eponymous fragrance
d'Antan   Launched Fleurs Dartnell in c1940
Dante Ferré, Lorenzo
Launched signature Ferrose in 1981 followed by Ferré Pontaccio 21, Amarallia ,Bagheera, Bluette, Chinoise, Cuir d'Italie, Elettra, Kaela, Ma Copine, Milla, Tiare, Tika and Viola in c2000
Dante NY Distributors
New York; launched Dante Original, Dante Gentleman Cologne, Dante Leather and Dante Lime
Daoud el Gaby & Co., A
12 Sanadkiea Street, Azhar University Square, Cairo; manufacturer of perfumes etc in c1930 to 1940
Memphis; launched fragrances in 1930's
5th Avenue, NY; launched a fragrances in 1940's
Brockton, Mass; launched Blue Iris and Red Rose Supreme in 1925, Treasure Garden in 1930
Launched Tabac d'Egypte Para Cabellero
d’Arcy, Parfums   Paris; also known as Darcy Parfums; launched Origan, Pleasant Memories and Truvy in c1925, launched Ballet and Intermezzo in 1950
Dare, Carolyn T
Atlantic City, NJ; launched Sin in 1923
Dare, Marti
Tampa, Florida; launched fragrances in the late 1950's; associated with Old 97 Manufacturing Co', launched Truly Fair in 1953, Florida Fragrance in 1956, Antique Royal in 1957 and Tammy in 1958
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